Updates on Texas Gaming Issues and Reality for Texas Poker in the Foreseeable Future……. Live or Online

In the Sunday, May 8 issue of the Dallas Morning News there was an in depth article about the Chickasaw Tribe from Oklahoma and their efforts to move into the Texas market by buying legal horse racing tracks. They seem to be positioning the Tribe to be in place when and if gaming laws in the State are ever expanded.

In order for casino gambling to become available in the State of Texas, it will require a constitutional change which requires two thirds vote by both the State House and Senate with the final decision being made by the voters of the State. Some political observers think it is possible for this to happen by 2013 but as the current session of the Texas Legislature nears an end it is hard to believe that it will happen and will be a miracle if it gets any further. More likely it will be held over until the next time they meet in 2013. It is looking like 2015 would be the earliest Texans can expect any change if ever.

A bill that was passed in committee in the House and slated to be argued on the floor was pulled by the sponsoring legislator because the bill was weak and not seen as viable due to committee changes to the original proposed bill according to the May 10 Dallas Morning News. There is a bill still in committee in the Senate and all hopes for something coming out during this session that ends on Memorial weekend seem slim to none. The Hag is willing to be surprised.

The only hope that proponents of expanded gaming at this time is if Governor Perry (King of Texas) changes his stance which he has continually resisted or calls a special session to address the issue. Both of these things seem unlikely but we can only hope……. Pollyanna is alive and well……

When it comes to legalized online poker, the news is probably even worse. Black Friday shut down our poker rights almost completely for US poker players but even if the Federal Government were to pass legislation that legalizes and regulates online poker sites, Texas players would probably be excluded from playing because the laws currently being considered would allow states to opt out and with the current climate in the State, this governor would be one to opt out. The King is beholding to his solid base that includes the Religious Right and he has been rumored to have National aspirations…. he will do anything to keep his base intact.

All this news is pretty grim when it comes to rights for players. We still have Oklahoma and other states for live play and what a sad state of affairs it is indeed. Texas players will continue to play and support these other states and educate their children while education budgets are deeply cut here….jobs lost instead of added…..Texas education will likely fall from already low 44th nationally and the King will be able to tell his blind followers what a great job he is doing……

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