The Internet is filled with websites related to poker and a person could spend days and days surfing and that is the preferred method of many. Over the years Hag has spent far too much time searching and looking at sites that are no longer there, out of date, low on content and/or just rehashing material found on other sites.

Here you will find a list that Hag compiled that are relevant and feature some or all of the things she deems necessary to make a site worth, gossip, training, forums, databases of players, ratings of playing sites, and a wealth of other information. Not every site will appeal to everyone. Hag has reviewed these listed and will give her opinion according to her standards from the "mature player" point of view. All of these lists offer free registration except where noted.

If anyone reading this has their own favorites to add, please contact us at so we can add them to our list. - This is probably the largest and most established site for just about everything poker related. In addition to the books they sell and the training they offer, their forums are by far the most read and influential. It is a must if you want to keep up with all things happening in the poker world. It is moderated and its content is monitored but not to excess. - This is a very active and relevant site that feature Barry Greenstein and his son Joe Sebok. There is lots of very good and clever content and has pokerroad radio and videos. Lots of the young guns participate. This site is sort of the "reality TV" site of the poker world and is very entertaining and informational on many levels. As you would expect from Barry, it is a class act. - A good site that has lots of good content and an active forum. The site is moderated and has stricter standards for content than 2+2 and since smaller, may have a more personal feel to it. - Very similar to pocket 5's but has a larger international base. They do regularly offer tournaments, some are freerolls, for members and they do seem to have a since of community. - This is a very good site that is based in Europe and addresses a lot of the same subjects as the other forums but from the European point of view and is quite interesting. They also maintain an extensive database of poker players. In addition, they have tournaments for their members from time to time and you can play with some of the top European pros for a low buy in cost. - A site geared especially to the young male player. It is irreverent and raunchy and features young scantily clad women each day. There is good gossip and lots of editorial comments about the latest poker news, politics from their point of view and political correctness is not practiced here. From the "mature" point of view, this site is good because it’s good to see the mindset of those we are playing with and it is edgy and quite amusing. - This one is even more raunchy than Wicked Chops and the forum is not moderated. There are some interesting things there in the gossip and news but if you are too sensitive for full frontal nudity of men and women, might be best to avoid. Again a good study the attitudes of some of the young male players that we see these days online and in the B & M casinos. - This is a good basic forum and really gets into the nuts and bolts of poker. a no frills kind of site but has good substantial content. A good place for all levels of players to get some good information. Members may participate in tournaments and other activities. Large international mix of members. - Contains lots of news and results from many of the tournaments. Also has a good amount of podcasts that have good informational value. The news is up to date and has some of the same news as others and some blogs and content that is theirs alone. - A good site for basic information and is plenty good but much of the information can be found on other sites. It is kept up to date and like many of the other sites has information on strategies and other useful information. - This site is up to date and sometimes has some juicy gossip that sometimes does not turn out to be credible but it has some good basic information and may be good to check on from time to time. Much of the content is found on other sites. - This is a blog site that is quite active and features some interesting views on many facets of the poker world. Is definitely worth a read. - A site for the beginning poker player. It has the most basic information for those that are just getting started but does offer good information for starting hands, rules, and other information for newbies. - Just like it sounds it is gossip from the poker world and some stories you may not see on other sites.



MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS ONLINE - This is the online version of the magazine and features the most comprehensive news, articles and the information is more of the formal versions of the news. It gives listings of all the upcoming events and carries some live updates on some of them. Also has interesting videos and interviews. Huge database of players for online and casino players. Features many blogs by well known players. Very well put together publication. - An online version of the magazine that features lots of news, articles and live coverage of some tournaments. It also has a large database of players and results. Lists lots of upcoming events and stays current on the goings and coming in the poker world. - An online publication that stays on top of the current news and events. It feature very good coverage of many of the major tournaments and has a great staff that gives very good information during the WSOP events. - Online version of the one that you see in the casinos. Offers news as well as schedules and results of tournaments from many of the of casinos around the country.


These sites give beginners a chance to play poker for free or at a very low price. It is a good way to start and you can choose the free games at NLOP online or the free live games at the APL. For a small monthly fee you can join the ClubWPT or the Spade Club and play online. - Free and offers tournaments and cash prizes - Live play for free in tournaments held in local bars and restaurants around the country. Go to the web site to see where poker is being played in your area. - Play unlimited online poker for about $20 a month. Tournaments and ring games. - Play unlimited online poker for about $20 a month. Tournaments and ring games.


HOME GAMES - Has a database of home games although one near you may be hard to find. It has great guidelines for beginning your own home game or league. - A site that carries supplies for home poker games. - Contains a database of home games and has them listed by state


TOURNAMENT SITES - Comprehensive information and coverage regarding all of the WSOP events. Lots of articles and profiles of the players. - Great coverage and schedule information for the WPT and includes many articles, commentary and profiles of the players. - Complete coverage of the HPT with profiles of players, scheduling, and television coverage.




POKER TELEVISION/VIDEOS - features hundreds of videos of television tournament events since poker programming began. - coverage of European tournaments and others. - coverage of EPT, APPT, LAPT, and many Poker Stars events. Also live coverage of many of these events.





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