2012 Year in Review and Looking to the Future

Had a sobering experience yesterday when my daughter called and told me that I had not posted to the blog since May…….. “no…. that cannot be true”….. but it was. My problem is that I write them in my brain and neglect the actual writing and posting….. Also with Twitter and Facebook, it is so immediate not to mention simple to repost or make a quick comment. Apparently that does not count.

Now….in the poker world not a lot has changed… we still don’t have gaming in Texas and we have no Internet poker in the US of A. Not much to say there. Now the Texas Legislature is getting ready to convene for their every other year session and again the chatter is out there that we have a better chance than ever to get some kind of legislation passed that would make poker and possibly other gaming legal.

It seems that some of the pro gaming groups have joined forces to see if they can get some traction. Some of my readers get frustrated with my pessimism on the subject and I want to be wrong but we still face the same stumbling blocks. The glimmer of hope in my view is not that the groups have joined together but that some of the gaming interests that have contributed to the opposition in the past could very well change their positions and it would be to their advantage to have gaming come to Texas. The Chickasaw Indians of Oklahoma now own a Dallas area horse race track and Sidney Adelson from the Sands group in Las Vegas made large contributions to Rick Perry during and at the end of Perry’s failed Presidential bid… rumors have swirled that some of the Las Vegas crowd has bought key property in some of the heaviest populated areas of Texas…….. time will tell and we will only have to wait a few months to see if we Texans are allowed to decide this issue ourselves…

The Internet poker situation is still moving at a snail’s pace…. a few states passing laws but until the whole country is involved, don’t see it being viable to any large degree. My hopes are that when more states pass these laws, the Federal Government will decide the time is right to pass and regulate.

In the meantime, I go to Winstar in Oklahoma a time or two a week. I do like the card room there and the staff….. is a hassle but at the same time better than nothing. I also get to Las Vegas a couple of times a year which feeds my habit which is great.

One really positive thing this past year has been my production and enjoyment of my art life. While I work in my studio every day… have gone a few years without the drive and desire I did have for many years. I got work done but just did not feel the passion….. was working through some personal events and it seemed to sap my creative energy…. in 2012 the fog lifted and somehow resolved some balance issues…. this is all stuff in my head but can kill the creative self if not taken care of….. I am excited about what I am doing and happier than I have been for a while.

Hope this carries over and will hopefully will have some good news to report on Texas gaming in the come weeks and months….

Happy New Year to all of you and hope our news gets better and better.

Cowboys, Indians, and Jesus

Since the last post, have had a lot of comments and questions and have read some recent articles in the Dallas Morning News regarding the state of and prospects for Gaming in the Great State of Texas…….

The basis of the recent articles in the DMN have been tying Rick Perry financially to various Indian Tribes in Oklahoma…. I touched on this subject in the last post as a sizable donation was made by the Chickasaw Nation to Perry’s dying Presidential bid after it was evident that the campaign would end. Two articles in the paper by Steve McGonigle on May 13, 14 detail more financial connections not only to the Tribes of Oklahoma but to Nevada gaming groups, the Fertitta family that owns the Station Casinos and Sheldon Adelson, chairman of the Sands Corp. Mr Adelson was the primary financier of the Newt Gingrich presidential campaign and the major opposition of online poker in the B&M gaming world.

It is the age old situation……simply follow the money and most questions will be answered.

It seems that the head Cowboy, Mr. Perry, is getting money thrown at him from every angle…. and it is a no lose situation for all of gaming interests. While Perry gets $$$ thrown at him and he keeps resisting the calls to let the voters decide the gaming issue in Texas…these people cannot lose. On one hand if they keep gaming out of Texas, they get the benefit to their Las Vegas and Oklahoma interests staying intact. On the other hand, if gaming does get passed at some point, they will have their foot in the door because of all the money they have given our Cowboy….. On the Internet gaming front…. we are double screwed on that one…. with Adelson involved and any Federal legislation that may come, there will be an opt out features for the States which will always be exercised by Texas…. no way it happens whether federal or State level.

It is no secret that there is property being bought up by all of these groups in all of the major cities and/or metropolitan areas in Texas. We know that at least two racetracks have been purchased by gaming interests but it has also been reported that key real estate sites have been earmarked by others so locations will not be a problem….they are in place. While the online poker possibility is pretty dead…the glimmer of hope is for casinos on the ground does exist…..

Basically those of us interested in any kind of gaming in Texas….whether B&M or Online are out of luck for the time being ….and so are all of the residents of Texas. Now….followers of Jesus in Texas think they have a victory here but let’s just examine this a little closer… These people take money from the gaming industry in Nevada and Oklahoma to fund their PACs who lobby against gaming…. so they are taking money from the evil empire to fight the evil empire in Texas……. how does that make sense…. so the Jesus people of Texas are basically protecting the financial interests of Satan???? It has been a number of years since my Sunday School days but somewhere in my mind…I keep thinking of the great scene in the Bible where Jesus throws the money changers out of the Temple but here in Texas….. the Christians are partners with the money changers and money is accepted to do their bidding …… As Dylan says ….”the times they are a changin'”

Here in Texas….the budget is wrecked….schools are going broke….teen pregnancy rates are among the highest in the country, services to the poorest in our communities are being cut, teachers being fired, women are going without low cost medical services, and I could go on and on………basically…we are going to hell in a hand basket….

It is entirely a different story in Oklahoma…. Thanks to the Cowboys from Texas and the Indians, they are going great guns….. Our Head Cowboy, continues to send money and jobs North to Oklahoma…. most of the employees of the border casinos live in Texas but pay State income tax in Oklahoma and about 95% of the customers in the casinos live in Texas. Millions of $$$ a day are being wagered….. Yes, as I said in the last post…. Rick Perry is the best Governor Oklahoma has ever had!!!

One of the great arguments against gaming that the followers of Jesus use is that it causes, poverty, crime and other social ills….. but this is the silliest of arguments….. if a person with a gambling problem is going to commit a crime…they are more likely to do it in their own community…. also if they are a degenerate gambler and need financial aid or other services for their family, they will get them from the State of their residence. They will not be committing their crimes in Thackerville or Durant, Oklahoma and they will not be getting their welfare, food stamps, going to emergency rooms or other kinds of aid from Oklahoma….they will get these services in Texas.

So here is the bottom line…. jobs created in Oklahoma for Texans and these employees pay Oklahoma State tax on their earnings, residents of Texas pay for any social or criminal consequences caused by gambling…. The Indians keep getting richer and richer, the Cowboy keeps getting paid, the Texas Jesus followers get to feel superior even though their State becomes less and less secure. The Oklahoma Jesus devotees are in the cat bird seat…. with a robust State Government…. they can build bigger and better churches instead of funding those pesky social services the State provides.

Texas Residents=biggest losers

Rick Perry….Best Governor Oklahoma Ever Had!!!!!

An article by Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News on 4/15/12 has been on my mind for weeks….it has festered and makes me more frustrated as the days go by. The article can be seen at the end of this post…..

I go to Winstar World Casino in Oklahoma on a regular basis to play poker. It is one of my favorite pastimes and I cannot do this in my home State of Texas or legally on any online poker site. Twice a week usually, I make the one hour drive up I35 to Exit 1 in Oklahoma and spend my time and money to indulge this endeavor….I am a recreational player. I am also not a young, irresponsible, degenerate gambler….I am an old lady…..a grandmother and think it is a shame I must go to another State to play my game.

Each week I am amazed by a number of things….for one thing nearly all of the cars in the parking lot have Texas license plates. This casino is the third or fourth largest casino in the world with thousands of slot machines. In addition to the cars, there is a fleet of buses that run on a regular schedule to pick up Texans at bus stops and senior and community centers throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. One walk through this place makes it obvious that the Chickasaw Nation is bringing in millions and millions of dollars……

For every hand played in every game an “ante” or some kind of fee is charged and we are told that a large portion of that goes to the State of Oklahoma and is primarily for the benefit of the State Education System.

Now to the point of all of this……. In Mr. Slater’s article he reports on a $100,000 donation that the Chickasaw Nation gave to our Governor Perry during the final days of his Presidential bid. When the donation was made it was abundantly clear that the campaign was ending….. it was clearly not to benefit the campaign in any way. You will also see a chart at the end of the article that demonstrates the financial state of Mr. Perry’s campaign at the time.

My conclusion after going through all this information is that there has probably never been a Governor that has done more for Oklahoma than Governor Rick Perry. While we are cutting budgets and our educational system continues to slide, Texas contributes to Oklahoma so that the children of Oklahoma get a proper education.

Now add to the money being spent at Winstar to all of the other casinos in Oklahoma and don’t forget Louisiana…. they take care of all the East Texas gaming needs. We are sending untold amounts of money out of state and each time the Texas Legislature meets, Governor Perry makes it known that he will veto any bill that puts gaming on the Texas ballot. He has been completely loyal to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma, his Religious Right supporters and the State of Oklahoma…..

What really makes this donation by the Chickasaws relevant is that it was openly made by them and not masked by making a donation to one of the other mostly religious groups or PACs that he gets money from….. it is out in the open and nobody seems to care. It has long been said that the Native American groups make major donations to the Christian groups and superPACs that send Perry money ….but now they don’t even bother to cover.

Yep……it is my belief that Rick Perry is probably the best Governor that Oklahoma has ever had….bar none!!!!

The following is the article by Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News on 4/14/12
“With Rick Perry’s presidential bid a distant memory, the big-money superPAC that backed him has largely gone dormant. But not completely. The Make Us Great political committee headed by a lobbyist and former Perry chief of staff reports raising $100,000 in the last quarter. The PAC didn’t have to report its fundraising from January through March until this month. The $100,000 came Jan. 13 from the Chickasaw Nation in Ada, Oklahoma. Six days later, Perry was out of the race. The Make Us Great super PAC raised $5.5 million last year for Perry’s campaign. Much of that money came early — particularly from two big-givers, Dallas industrialist Harold Simmons and Houston home builder Bob Perry, who both jumped on board shortly after Perry entered the race in August. But as the governor’s campaign collapsed, so did his fundraising – both for his campaign directly and for the Perry-friendly superPAC.
The end of Perry’s campaign was sealed by Nov. 9, the night of infamous “Oops” debate in which he famously couldn’t remember what agencies he’d promised to abolish once he got to the White House. By the end of the year, few people were willing to give him money. But Chickasaw Nation contribution came Jan. 13 – long after Perry’s campaign was on the skids and his imminent departure from the race was a strong rumor in political circles. So why would Chickasaw Nation, which represents casino gambling interests in Oklahoma, so heavily back a governor about to go back being governor? One possibility: lots of Texans travel to Oklahoma to gamble at Chickasaw Nation casinos. If Texas were to legalize casino gambling, it would be strong competition. Perry has been a staunch opponent of legalizing casinos in Texas. As governor, Perry has collected $148,000 over the years from Chickasaw Nation and thousands more from other out-of-state gambling interests. The $100,000 to his political superPAC in January might not have been enough to buoy his presidential bid, but it’s money in the bank that Perry can now use for other political purposes. The next legislative session will likely take up casino gambling again. For the Chickasaw Nation, clearly it’s banking on the governor staying true to his opposition.”
This link will show a chart of the money history for the Perry Campaign and article illustrates the money trail………


Latest Trip to Vegas and Black Friday……

Writing this is long overdue…as said in a recent post, I am the worst blogger in the world… I love keeping up with all the poker community……the good, the bad and the imaginary…. so will cover a couple of subjects that have been on my mind.

First is a quick, four day trip to Las Vegas in March…. Winerunner and I were there for a family wedding which is a story in itself…but will stick to poker here. We were staying downtown at the Golden Nugget as usual and played cash games each day. The games were great and although being a “tourist” myself, my goal is to always win and keep the partying to a minimum….the strategy worked and I was able to come home with a nice profit.

The poker related highlight of the trip was playing the Tuesday night HORSE tournament at the MGM that is hosted by Chip and Karina Jett….. This was my first time playing HORSE live and it was pretty obvious that I was so outclassed in every way. When we had online sites running, I played a lot of mixed games and actually did pretty well….. My main rule of thumb was to stay away from Omaha in all forms when possible but was competent in the other games which included Badugi and 3/7 Triple draw.

Well…..I sat at the table and Chip was to my immediate right….what a nice guy and I must say that everyone was so patient with me….was a total novice when it came to posting all the blinds/antes in the stud games. I had not played any mixed games for a year and if it had occurred to me that I was going to be playing this event…. I might have brushed up some on Poker Stars in the free money games….but I did not do that……..

Sitting to the right of Chip was Jeanne (@jeanriders on twitter)….what a sweetheart she is. We got to talking and for some unknown reason I had not been following her although I have tried to follow all the women in poker that I can find….. and what a find she was. Felt like I had been missing out by not discovering her before. We figured out that we had played together online before Black Friday……..hopefully we will cross paths again in June as we will return for a week or so during the WSOP. After coming home I have been delighted to follow her tournament conquests….what a mixed game star she is and I expect some big results this Summer for her….. she is my new favorite star!!!

Just wanted to mention the Black Friday subject briefly…… being that I am recreational player (although a serious one) I was not affected as far as making a living….. it has freed up a considerable amount of time and I did spend a lot of time in the last year floundering emotionally with the loss but at the same time after a few tough months, I have begun to refocus on my art work and have concentrated on my cash game. Since driving to Oklahoma is my live play option….a one hour each way trip…. I have been going twice a week. I have given up daily tournaments as the structure is not good at Winstar and concentrated on cash. That has been a good decision for my poker life and it has made me far more productive and happy in all of the other parts of my life…. life has come into balance again so I must say that looking back, this has been more of a positive than negative.

I have enjoyed seeing other blog posts on the subject and especially liked the one by David Clark (@WhoIsDavidClark) that details the past year of his and La’s experiences and life adjustments…. very positive and well told story. We all have one to tell…..but it is interesting and affirming to see the creative ways that many have dealt with this issue. I hope that when/if online poker returns that we can all remember these lessons and not fall back into dependence on things we do not completely control…….

Comments updated

it recently came to my attention that the comments section was not working. Good news, it’s back up and running. If you have see any more problems with this site, just let us know.



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Happy Holidays from the Pokerhag family to yours!!!!

A few thoughts from the worst blogger on the planet……….

For several months my intentions have been good but my execution has been nonexistent. I am referring to my blogging commitment and production and have been spending some time thinking about a reason and solution for this problem.

Actually, there are several reasons…… not making any excuses here…it is all on me but there are reasons that I am like I am. Being ADD, with a little OCD thrown in, is a big reason that my follow through is lacking….sometimes I have the best of intentions but then bright shiny objects appear, metaphorically of course, and distractions throw me off course. Every day I have the same routine….drink morning tea while checking email, reading all the overnight twitter posts and catching up on all the latest poker news, gossip, tournaments, etc.

All of this gets me ready for the day and each day blog posts write themselves in my head…. problem is there are so many that they become paralyzing and never reach the page…. Occasionally an idea becomes predominate and am able to hyper-focus long enough to get the idea into tangible form….not nearly often enough.
My biggest impediment seems to be that I am just too much of a poker fan…….there are so many great posts, blogs, and news outlets covering the poker world that by the time I get through all of it, my meager thoughts and reflections seem lame and irrelevant. Actually I do read some posts/blogs/forum threads that seem more trivial than mine may be so I have a self-edit button in my head that prevents me from adding to the ground clutter. These are some of my reasons for being such an ineffective blogger…… guess they are my excuses also.

In my real life, I am an artist who has been at it for over three decades……and have achieved a degree of success in my medium which fills any need my ego may have for recognition. Am also at an age that I know what that is worth in the grand scheme of things and hold dear the true friendships and family. I also work at maintaining a mental and physical health.
It is because of my deep and abiding love of poker that I keep holding onto the constant connection every day…. since Black Friday in April, the landscape has changed so much. While I spent far more than a “healthy” amount of time playing online, my interest has not waned. While being depressed to have this taken away I have been able to reevaluate other parts of my life and have struck a balance that was in jeopardy.

Now to renew my commitment to myself to be a giver as well as a taker in the poker community….now by that I do not mean at the poker table if I can help it…….. but to express a point of view and when possible to present pertinent information regarding our progress in Texas and the rest of the country to legalize poker online and bring casinos to the great State….

We’ll see how it goes……

Reflections…….looking back/going forward……..after the WSOP 2011

The WSOP has come and gone and as each year comes to a close, there is a period of reflection and analysis and thoughts of how my life fits into the whole picture. Lots of time is spent reading blogs, reviewing play…. realizing the high level being played today by not only well known pros but by the average Joe/Jane. The following are two examples of many that I enjoyed reading and there have been many others in the past few days that are relevant. The first here is by a professional that breaks down the different aspects of being a player and the second by a passionate amateur that strives to gain knowledge and find her way while balancing a multi layered life.

http://pokerlawyer.blogspot.com/ post “A Love Affair”

In my professional life I am an artist and have been successful at doing my work and have a long career teaching and lecturing around the country. As my poker interest (some say sick obsession) has grown in the past eight years, it has been quite a balancing act. My productivity has been greatly reduced which is due in part to my new found interest and also just a result of my age…..I am so far out of the profile of a poker player that if I ever had a big win it would make front page news everywhere…. in and out of the poker world.

In the Internetpokers blog, he refers to Outliers, the immensely popular book that emphasizes the importance of long term study and related work to become successful. The author sites a figure of 10,000 hours and in this blog, an analysis is done of what this really means. When I first read the book, it was not a new concept for me as I have heard variations of these themes for my whole life in the art community. In a blog from several years ago, I wrote about this from an art standpoint. It just hits home for both of my worlds. The following is an excerpt… just substitute poker related jargon in place of the references to art.

“Another point made that had an impact was from the book by Peter London, No More Secondhand Art. In chapter one he explains what it takes to really conquer your art and how just having a creative mind is not enough.

He describes what Monet and Rembrandt did to get the images we see. He talks about “drawing for ten hours a day, six days a week for forty years” and that Monet “excavated a huge hole, then diverted a river to fill the hole, planted it with lily pads, then built a Japanese bridge over the whole thing, all at a vast expense. Then he bought a boat, made a floating studio out of it and for twelve hours a day, for over twenty years, he paddled around that pond and painted and painted until his eyes glazed over”.

Most of us cannot make that type of commitment today and how hard are we willing to work and how much time are we willing to give, how much sacrifice are we willing to make before we are maximizing our creative selves and creating the work we strive for.

The next question is how hard will you do this without being recognized in some way? We all must ask ourselves if we are doing this for ourselves or other reasons like making money and/or fame? For me, I love the attention when a nice thing happens and I love it when a piece sells but I cannot imagine that I would not have my hands deep in the middle of my work and trying to figure out where it is going, it is part of my being.”
One of the things that I promote in addition to hard work when teaching and speaking to groups is creativity. As I have studied over the years, it just amazes me how related these two totally divergent parts of my life are alike. They are both subcultures that have a very recognizable demographic that are so different that it is scary. One is largely older females and the other is mostly very young males. Even with these major differences, the similarities are quite striking.

To be successful in either world, creativity is a necessary in addition to the long hours required . Creativity is this word that means different things to different people. It is really an easy concept but gets muddied up in some cases. Creativity simply is “problem solving”. This aspect comes more naturally to some but it definitely can be learned. In poker you see lots of different styles……some may be through thoughtful analysis, strictly math based, gut feel, crazy play with little thought and the list goes on and on. The creative player is able to use all of the tools available and use his/her problem solving skills to make decisions. It does not surprise me to see some great writers, musicians, and artists in the poker world… there are many creatives out there….

Another similarity is both are solitary endeavors. Yes, you have your art/poker associates or friends to bounce off of. You can study in groups, read books and prepare with others but in the end it is all on you to get the job done…. to be successful or not…… it is in your own being that your own fate resides. Having a good support system does give you a better chance to succeed but you and you alone must do it.

Of course, all of these skills no matter how hard a person works, no matter how skilled and creative a person may be, the luck factor comes into play……also being in the right place at the right time….. I have seen gifted artists that have never seen or heard, and have seen incredibly talented poker players playing in free pub leagues……. This is where another factor comes into play that do not see discussed very often and that is mental toughness……thick skin and tenacity.

A few weeks ago, I was watching an episode of the WPT and an interview by Mike Sexton and he said something that really made an impression. When asked the biggest difference he saw between young (internet) players and the older ones that have been around for a long time. He explained that the young ones have no fear of failure, do not look at money the same way and really have nothing to lose. I have really given this a lot of thought lately…… while I have the financial security to afford to play at a higher level it just hurts to lose a whole lot of money so that just puts limitations to a degree.

For the most part the younger players do not have families or responsibilities and if they go broke, they just find a way to reload and hit it again. As the older player matures and may have been broke several times they are not so eager to have to start over and may have responsibilities and do see the value of money. It is hard, hard work.

It seems that it all boils down to what are you willing to do, give up, compromise on, what you realistically can expect. While you can lie at the table, lie to your friends, build an image you want to project, the most important thing any player must do is not lie to themselves or start buying their own pitch. It is easy to talk the talk but not so easy to walk the walk. In the many poker rooms I have played in and the many games I have played live and online, the thing I see so often is players that do not know where they are or look at themselves in a thoughtful and many time, painful way…… I work on that myself everyday and not really pleased when I have to admit my limitations but in a way do take solace in that because of that knowledge alone does give me an edge in many situations. I try to grow with each new experience, read, listen and watch….I keep it real and delight in each new level of success.

Always know where you are……..

Updates on Texas Gaming Issues and Reality for Texas Poker in the Foreseeable Future……. Live or Online

In the Sunday, May 8 issue of the Dallas Morning News there was an in depth article about the Chickasaw Tribe from Oklahoma and their efforts to move into the Texas market by buying legal horse racing tracks. They seem to be positioning the Tribe to be in place when and if gaming laws in the State are ever expanded.

In order for casino gambling to become available in the State of Texas, it will require a constitutional change which requires two thirds vote by both the State House and Senate with the final decision being made by the voters of the State. Some political observers think it is possible for this to happen by 2013 but as the current session of the Texas Legislature nears an end it is hard to believe that it will happen and will be a miracle if it gets any further. More likely it will be held over until the next time they meet in 2013. It is looking like 2015 would be the earliest Texans can expect any change if ever.

A bill that was passed in committee in the House and slated to be argued on the floor was pulled by the sponsoring legislator because the bill was weak and not seen as viable due to committee changes to the original proposed bill according to the May 10 Dallas Morning News. There is a bill still in committee in the Senate and all hopes for something coming out during this session that ends on Memorial weekend seem slim to none. The Hag is willing to be surprised.

The only hope that proponents of expanded gaming at this time is if Governor Perry (King of Texas) changes his stance which he has continually resisted or calls a special session to address the issue. Both of these things seem unlikely but we can only hope……. Pollyanna is alive and well……

When it comes to legalized online poker, the news is probably even worse. Black Friday shut down our poker rights almost completely for US poker players but even if the Federal Government were to pass legislation that legalizes and regulates online poker sites, Texas players would probably be excluded from playing because the laws currently being considered would allow states to opt out and with the current climate in the State, this governor would be one to opt out. The King is beholding to his solid base that includes the Religious Right and he has been rumored to have National aspirations…. he will do anything to keep his base intact.

All this news is pretty grim when it comes to rights for players. We still have Oklahoma and other states for live play and what a sad state of affairs it is indeed. Texas players will continue to play and support these other states and educate their children while education budgets are deeply cut here….jobs lost instead of added…..Texas education will likely fall from already low 44th nationally and the King will be able to tell his blind followers what a great job he is doing……