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For many years, the Hag has struggled with the principles of Zen while being competitive and a love of poker. Many things you learn while practicing Zen are patience, self control, and focus. A few years ago, Hag read a book, Zen and the Art of Poker by Larry W. Phillips and found it interesting that he explained how Zen and Poker can exist in the same world.

For years we have seen Andy Black on TV and behind his big personality, we see the struggle of the man who seems to wrestle with some demons and at the same time embrace his practice of Zen.

Here at Pokerhag, we will discuss issues such as how do you we reconcile playing killer, cut throat poker and at the same time practice discipline, humility and self control. Sound like an oxymoron?? It can be achieved but is an ongoing journey.

Do you have problems going on tilt or see others let it destroy their game? Do you see someone win a big hand and gloat or celebrate when getting that great card on the river? You see these two situations very often and the players stacks go up and down while their emotions are not under control and they self destruct. At the same time, a player is sitting quietly at the table, hardly noticed and throughout the session, you see his stack of chips grow steadily. This player is pleasant, quiet, and polite but rarely starts a conversation and you hardly notice when he is in a hand but at the same time, his stack speaks for itself

An important aspect of the practice of Zen is balance, at the poker table and in your life. We want to discuss that here and we will post articles and then will have a discussion on the subject in our Forum.

We invite you to submit your articles/blogs/thoughts on this subject. We feel that this is a neglected way that your game can be improved. Because we are "mature" here, we think that the information offered here will give us the edge we need to play winning poker in the poker environment both online and in live games.


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