WSOP Events 2011………You Listening WSOP and ESPN???

Wish List for Live Streaming of It is the middle of March and the 2011 WSOP is right around the corner….will be here before we know it and the burning question on my mind is what kind of live Internet coverage will we get this year????

Last year was a big disappointment since we were treated to 24 live streamed final tables in 2009. Instead of increased coverage in 2010 we only got a handful of streamed events toward the end. Surely some arrangements are being made to correct coverage this year.

Yes, I know there has to be sponsors step up……..yes, I do know it is expensive…….yada, yada, yada. It just seems incredible to me that with the millions and millions spent on these events between entry fees and broadcasting rights, it is unbelievable to think that it is not worth someone’s time and money to figure a way to make this work. It is hard to understand that there is not enough profit to be made here for some enterprising young group of people to make a proposal to ESPN for rights to stream events they will not be covering and that they could not sell time to four or five sponsors that could benefit from the coverage. For all the money that is spent on advertising in the gaming industry. between playing sites, casinos, other poker tours, etc….there has to be a way this could be done.

We have Live at the Bike series going on now that features cash games with commentary and then you have the events at Bay 101 that feature a table without commentary and very rudimentary sound. Last Summer, Ace Jones was showing some of the Grand Series at the Golden Nugget using one fixed camera over the table to see the board and one fixed camera on the players….. these things are being done on a shoestring….for a little more, we could have long hours of coverage everyday with a “Live at the Bike” kind of production.

The great thing about the 24 final tables that were covered in 2009 was having the players in the booth doing the color commentary and analysis. Some of those guys were really, really good. Some were Jimmy Fricke, Justin Bonomo, Daniel, David Williams and several others that I cannot think of right now. They were good and free… really got the sense that they loved doing it. It was really impressive to see how smart and articulate these guys are… the talent is there…just need a way to pull it all together.

I know that ESPN is spending a fortune doing the “November Nine” promotions…..and the ratings have gone down since the first year that was introduced. It has to be very expensive to not only bring back the players, set up the big production, and who knows what all that entails…….why not just keep the production crews there and expand live coverage during the 58 events???

The best players in the world are there…….you have the talent there……..why not capitalize and make it a 6 week media event on ESPN3 or even contract to do some through one of the less expensive live streaming sites that are readily available???

As an Avid Fan…………please give us complete coverage…… surely it would be a win-win for everyone!!!!!

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