Will Texans Be Allowed to Decide the Fate of Casino Gaming????

With the new year will come the latest attempt by lawmakers to get a new gaming law for Texas. A recent article in the Dallas Morning News outlines those efforts.


The Texas Legislature meets for about 2 months every other year so if the movement fails this year, it will be another two years before another try. The really sad part is that Texans travel to Oklahoma and Louisiana in droves to gamble and in essence, Texas residents pay for the education of children in three states, not just their own. All you have to do is look at the parking lot of any casino bordering Texas…..ninety percent or more of the vehicles display Texas plates.

With record deficits in the Texas budget, you would think Governor Rick Perry would at least leave it up to the Citizens of Texas to make their own decision on the matter…..he has not allowed this to happen in the past…….we have a King in Texas you see…..not a fair minded public servant.

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