Not the “Year of the Woman”……….Not So Fast!!!!

We are hearing pronouncements that the anticipated “Year of the Woman” is a bust at this year’s WSOP…….that the females in poker have not carried through with the momentum set earlier by Liv, Annie, both Vanessas, Annette, and others…….. Just hold on a minute!!!!

Yes, it is true that through the first 30 (open) events, we have not seen a woman win a bracelet…. but that is just part of the story. The Hag has been busy today looking back at 2009 through the first thirty events to see what the comparisons are and indeed the Ladies have increased their WSOP results substantially.

Through the first 30 Events last year, women had cashes somewhere in the mid-50s and through the same number this year, they have cashed 70+ times which is an increase of almost 40%. The real story here is how much deeper the ladies have placed in the tournaments. In 2009 with 30 events in the books, women had made 2 final tables and run deep (top 20 or so) about 5 times. In 2010, with the same number of events, they have made 4 final tables and about twice as many deep runs over last year.

As a disclaimer as to these figures, winner lists from last year and this year were used and it is difficult to determine the gender of some names but were researched as best we could so the plus/minus should be pretty much a wash.

It would be interesting to know what the total number of females entering the WSOP events is, but all we get is a guess by participants and reporters. It is clear that there is a definite increase in cashes and deeper runs this year so Ladies………..keep up the good work. Stay focused and work hard…….. A couple of bracelets would go a long way to prove this the power but the numbers speak for themselves…. the girls are here and gaining strength.
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