Cowboys, Indians, and Jesus

Since the last post, have had a lot of comments and questions and have read some recent articles in the Dallas Morning News regarding the state of and prospects for Gaming in the Great State of Texas…….

The basis of the recent articles in the DMN have been tying Rick Perry financially to various Indian Tribes in Oklahoma…. I touched on this subject in the last post as a sizable donation was made by the Chickasaw Nation to Perry’s dying Presidential bid after it was evident that the campaign would end. Two articles in the paper by Steve McGonigle on May 13, 14 detail more financial connections not only to the Tribes of Oklahoma but to Nevada gaming groups, the Fertitta family that owns the Station Casinos and Sheldon Adelson, chairman of the Sands Corp. Mr Adelson was the primary financier of the Newt Gingrich presidential campaign and the major opposition of online poker in the B&M gaming world.

It is the age old situation……simply follow the money and most questions will be answered.

It seems that the head Cowboy, Mr. Perry, is getting money thrown at him from every angle…. and it is a no lose situation for all of gaming interests. While Perry gets $$$ thrown at him and he keeps resisting the calls to let the voters decide the gaming issue in Texas…these people cannot lose. On one hand if they keep gaming out of Texas, they get the benefit to their Las Vegas and Oklahoma interests staying intact. On the other hand, if gaming does get passed at some point, they will have their foot in the door because of all the money they have given our Cowboy….. On the Internet gaming front…. we are double screwed on that one…. with Adelson involved and any Federal legislation that may come, there will be an opt out features for the States which will always be exercised by Texas…. no way it happens whether federal or State level.

It is no secret that there is property being bought up by all of these groups in all of the major cities and/or metropolitan areas in Texas. We know that at least two racetracks have been purchased by gaming interests but it has also been reported that key real estate sites have been earmarked by others so locations will not be a problem….they are in place. While the online poker possibility is pretty dead…the glimmer of hope is for casinos on the ground does exist…..

Basically those of us interested in any kind of gaming in Texas….whether B&M or Online are out of luck for the time being ….and so are all of the residents of Texas. Now….followers of Jesus in Texas think they have a victory here but let’s just examine this a little closer… These people take money from the gaming industry in Nevada and Oklahoma to fund their PACs who lobby against gaming…. so they are taking money from the evil empire to fight the evil empire in Texas……. how does that make sense…. so the Jesus people of Texas are basically protecting the financial interests of Satan???? It has been a number of years since my Sunday School days but somewhere in my mind…I keep thinking of the great scene in the Bible where Jesus throws the money changers out of the Temple but here in Texas….. the Christians are partners with the money changers and money is accepted to do their bidding …… As Dylan says ….”the times they are a changin'”

Here in Texas….the budget is wrecked….schools are going broke….teen pregnancy rates are among the highest in the country, services to the poorest in our communities are being cut, teachers being fired, women are going without low cost medical services, and I could go on and on………basically…we are going to hell in a hand basket….

It is entirely a different story in Oklahoma…. Thanks to the Cowboys from Texas and the Indians, they are going great guns….. Our Head Cowboy, continues to send money and jobs North to Oklahoma…. most of the employees of the border casinos live in Texas but pay State income tax in Oklahoma and about 95% of the customers in the casinos live in Texas. Millions of $$$ a day are being wagered….. Yes, as I said in the last post…. Rick Perry is the best Governor Oklahoma has ever had!!!

One of the great arguments against gaming that the followers of Jesus use is that it causes, poverty, crime and other social ills….. but this is the silliest of arguments….. if a person with a gambling problem is going to commit a crime…they are more likely to do it in their own community…. also if they are a degenerate gambler and need financial aid or other services for their family, they will get them from the State of their residence. They will not be committing their crimes in Thackerville or Durant, Oklahoma and they will not be getting their welfare, food stamps, going to emergency rooms or other kinds of aid from Oklahoma….they will get these services in Texas.

So here is the bottom line…. jobs created in Oklahoma for Texans and these employees pay Oklahoma State tax on their earnings, residents of Texas pay for any social or criminal consequences caused by gambling…. The Indians keep getting richer and richer, the Cowboy keeps getting paid, the Texas Jesus followers get to feel superior even though their State becomes less and less secure. The Oklahoma Jesus devotees are in the cat bird seat…. with a robust State Government…. they can build bigger and better churches instead of funding those pesky social services the State provides.

Texas Residents=biggest losers

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