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Feng Shui and Poker......yes they are related and can co-exist

Have been in a funk poker wise for the past few weeks.  Have gone to the casino a few times and was playing online some everyday.  Really running bad and rarely having a winning session.  I could not believe the crap people were playing, how badly I was being sucked out on and how it was obvious that all the online stuff was rigged.  Then I convinced myself that in the live play, it was just bad luck and bad play by others the past few times.  Then I started thinking about why I was allowing this to happen and how I could change what I was doing to counteract all the bad stuff everyone else was guilty of....the more I thought about it the more pissed off I got.....sad thing is, I was getting more and more pissed at myself....this forced me to have a long overdue talk with myself. 

It became apparent that I was doing something causing all this "bad luck".  First off I had to admit that I have been very distracted lately.....something was not right in my little universe.  My world is multi-faceted.  In my real world, I have a husband, who is extremely independent, and I am an artist, and I am working hard with my team to get the Pokerhag website up and running.  So I am juggling all that and playing poker wonder I am distracted.
The multi-tasking is only part of the problem....I can do that.  When playing online, I am usually playing one table and playing very low stakes.....but still do not have my attention focused....enough.

I started diagnosing the issues and beginning with the most basic and that is my work is a pit.  My art files and associated materials are mixed in with my pokerhag crap, I have lists and stickys everywhere, drowning in paperwork......all of it one big fat mess.  All surfaces in the office/studio are covered and there is barely a path to the desk area.  I have it configured in a U shape with the computer on the left and my art equipment on the right.....also I should add that I have the TV on just about all the time.....also, I should mention that I am ADD.
I work in a room that is about 12' x 14' and the cockpit area that I sit in most of the time is about 60" x 90".  Three days ago, I made a plan and started tackling the reorganization of this area.  Now I have another room called the office that is more than adequate that I could divide out the art work from the pokerhag business and I can play poker online from any room in the house but have eliminated that option for the time being.

My theory is that if all of these parts of my life can co-exist in my brain, why can't they co-exist in my physical life.  This is the approach that I am going on for the present time.  Whenever I have moved furniture and set up my work spaces, I have tried to keep the basic principles of Feng Shui to the best that I could and that was one of the criteria for this cleanup project.  I have a lot of stuff and it was quite a challenge to get it all split out and into its proper place.  I filled trash bags, put files where I can actually find them....everything has a place or it is not here anymore.

It really surprised me that it took 3 full days to get it all pulled together.....all surfaces are clear, the floor is clean, I know where every already feeling less negative.  About 10 years ago, I was in a similar situation only I was not playing poker then but the symptom at that time was that my feet felt like they needed to be amputated.......was lucky enough to find a podiatrist who was also a psychic and Feng Shui practitioner. .......with a Feng Shui reading she diagnosed that if I cleaned my studio and put magnets in my shoes, that my feet would quit hurting......she turned out to be right so I have systematically arranged our living spaces to conform to those principles.  As an aside, she told me a lot of other things that turned out to be correct but that story is for another day.

Guess that I have to do one of these re-evaluations from time to time and mine was way overdue.  It looks like Feng Shui may have rescued me again.....hope I don't make this the ten year habit.

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