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Phil Laak

An Immigrant family from Ireland came

to live in America and make a name

Phil Laak

Playing games as a child made Phil see the light.

A seed had been planted, money is there all right.

To be an adult must come first

to finish high school and off to Amherst

Degree in hand, where to go

the answer is easy, San Diego

After motorcycles, backpacks and adventures galore

Phil and Antonio searched to find more

Phil hit the books for info he needed

to make sure that his plan succeeded.

Poker was the answer to ensure life's riches

using talent and wit to find what his niche is.

Jen entered the scene sent Antonio to the curb

Life couldn't be better, it's simple superb.

His brain never sleeps, never at rest

the thirst for knowledge a constant quest.

He has game but sometimes acts silly

and that's not all says Jennifer Tilly.

He's paid his dues and it is readily accepted

that his best advice is "don't get felted".

Find him today at Bellagio table ten/twenty

opponents come and there are many.

Philosopher, jester, lover and friend

no real job could hold him ever again.


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