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Phil The Brat

You reach an age where respect should matter

The trappings take second place

Behavior makes words senseless blather

Truly great ones accept this with grace


Berating a man for your own needs

Makes you small in others eyes

Better the message spoken in deeds

The heart must be pure you realize

Phil The Brat

How does a man justify

The label of brat with great pride

What does it signify

Would make most men run and hide


Rules must change to make you behave

Children are taught to know better

Than to act out for the attention they crave

You think that yours shouldn't matter


With children of your own you would think

To set an example would be important

That they would know there's a link

And being a buffoon is not brilliant


A lesson can be learned from the greatest

Who left this world with an early call

He never said he was the best

Chip Reese was respected by all


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