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Ode to the New Poker Player

Poker Poker Poker, how do you begin

It can't be that hard, I saw those people on TV

they were dealt cards and raised "all in"

I can play hold em and think it could be me


You Play the game and read some books

you watch Mike Sexton on WPT

You sign up online to see how it works

You can have all this fun and it's free


Now it get serious that's for sure

Money plays and you reached a new level

The challenge certainly becomes the lure

Now you know you are in bed with the devil


You find some friends who play

You join all the forums and sites

Look forward to the day

You see your name in lights


You talk the talk

It isn't Latin

Can you walk the walk

Or just sound like Van Patten


Online, home game, casino

Full Tilt, Stars, where to play

Las Vegas, Tunica, Reno

You must jump into the fray


Who's the donkey, who's the fish

You must see how good you are

You may not be good as you wish

time will tell if you will be a star


The odds say no

The prospect not funny

It's a tough row to hoe

to get into the money


Lessons not all in the book

Table time is the solution

You must constantly look

It all becomes evolution


Don't believe all that you think

May not know what you don't know

You may be missing an important line

You must always continue to grow


Know what's true and what's false

You must always know the score

But no matter what else

Act like you've been there before


The secret is to just have fun

Challenge Yourself every day

Hopefully lose less than you've won

continue to learn how to play


What are your leaks

Do you go on tilt

What are the peaks

What game have you built


You can fool some others

you can fool yourself

If I had my druthers

I would prove myself


There is a moral to this story

A cautionary tale

The chances of your finding glory

More likely you will fail


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