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Layne Flack

With the family Layne traveled to Sin City

To make good money and make a name

Couldn't resist the temptations, what a pity

He stumbled and fell on the way to fame


Rehab and back your friends held true

Stood by your side while your demons to fight

But in the end, it's all up to you

All they ask is for you to do what is right

Layne Flack

How many people can you let down

Mentors, sponsors, family, and friends

Everyone see you act like a clown

The story continues we'll see how it ends


Dissed by Erick should be a clue

Can you ever return to your glory

Fences to mend you should take the que

The jury is out till the end of the story


Phil, Ted, Huck, Chan, Danny

Who do you treasure, who do you admire

Stu, Russ, Scotty, and Vinny

The junky, the drunk, the ultimate liar


The world you inhabit is most forgiving

The end of the tale is yours to write

Life is good and definitely worth living

Let's hope that soon you will see the light


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